Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The G-Spot: It Does Exist !!!!!!!

Excerpt from Dr. Bloch's NEW book "Conversations with the World's Greatest Lover":

             "The G-spot first came into prominence in 1982 with the publication of the book of the same name.  It is named after the Dutch researcher Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, who was the first to study not only the spot itself but the fact that it could stimulate women to orgasm and frequently to ejaculation.  Some women would often have a series of orgasms and approximately fifteen to eighteen percent would ejaculate a liquid that is similar to a seminal fluid, but contains no sperm.  This became a major finding for women whose partners had believed that they were being urinated on when their female partners reached orgasm.  The discovery of ejaculation-like fluid without semen gave women the knowledge that they indeed were not urinating on their partners.  The texture, fragrance and taste of this fluid prove that it is not urine.  
          During a “Love, Sex and Communication” workshop, having discussed the G-spot, I noticed a woman in the front row who was sobbing noisily.  When I stopped to ask if she was alright, she stood up and hugged me and kept crying and said that for years she had turned off her ability to experience orgasm because her husband assumed she was urinating on him.  Not wanting to offend him, she had stopped herself from experiencing orgasm.  With her knowledge of the G-spot, her tears were of joy and happiness that she could once again have her orgasms and not worry herself about urinating on her partner.  This is one isolated incident and yet similar ones have been experienced by hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of women who destroy their own ability to experience pleasure so as not to offend their partners."